Intermittent Dust Collection

There are times when a dust collector is needed for only short periods of time throughout the day, or for multiple times of the day. Although the processes may be intermittent, it is still important to control the emitted dust and fumes.

With its automatic, vigorous motorized shaker, AAF’s ArrestAll is perfect for an intermittent operation. This is especially true when a manual shaker is not sufficient and a jet pulsed collector is too much. A semi-rigid, multi-pocket filter with fixed spacing provides a more usable filter area than that of a dust collector with soft, flexible filters. The filters are cleaned by the heavy-duty eccentric driven shaker. Designed for small to medium sized industrial applications, schools, and maintenance shops, the ArrestAll is quiet and efficient.

Filthy air enters the inlet, below the filters, through the funnel section. It then moves upward, making a 90 degree turn, to force the heavier particles to fall into the dust container. Fine dust particles are pulled into the filter pockets and a dust cake forms on the filter media. Clean air is now able to pass through the filter media and out the fan exhaust. Leftover dust on the filters is automatically forcefully shaken off by the motor driven shaker after the fan has been turned off. For wood and steel dust, the filtration efficiency is 99.9%.