Workers at metal machining, grinding, chipping, deburring, and welding workstations are exposed to airborne dust particles. These particles contain metals and their compounds. Their harmful impact on the workers’ health depends on its chemical composition and distribution. The objective is to eliminate as much of the dust that is emitted as possible.

Some plants use respirators to protect employees from fumes and dusts. Although this is needed in some instances, a dust collection system can provide the better solution. Not only will it decrease the overall contaminants in the air, it can also drive down costs with more efficient workers.

These compact units can fit anywhere on the plant floor and do not cause any restrictions to a worker’s movements or visibility. AAF’s full line of Workstation Dust Collectors is designed specifically for those in-plant areas where dirty and/or noisy operations are out in the open. This includes, but is not limited to, grinding, sanding, chipping, batch mixing, and welding.