Product Overview

  • Helps improve indoor air quality  
  • Reduces contaminants that may cause allergies
  • Minimizes strain on HVAC equipment
  • Effective up to 90 days 
  • Easy to install
  • Fits all standard brands
  • FPR 4
  • UL Classified

Protection Against

Filter Depth
  • 1"
  • FPR 4
  • MERV 8
Media Type
  • Wire Backed
Frame Material
  • Kraft
Change Frequency
  • 90 Days
The Rheem Dust and Pollen air filter is made of a highly efficient pleated air filtration media, with a wire backing for additional strength. This filter provides superior air filtration and lasts three times longer than a basic filterglass filter. It helps to protect you and your family against many potential harmful airborne particles that can aggravate seasonal allergies and cause an unhealthy environment.

Contaminants Captured

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