Visão geral do produto

  • Allows a single radial-flow HEPA filter element to be installed in a low CFM ventilation system
  • Designed so that housing can be tested in place
  • Accommodates various arrangements of inlet and outlet ports
  • Filter-to-housing fluid seal is created by means of a continuous knife edge in the housing

Aplicações típicas

  • Data Centers
  • Cuidados de saúde
  • Microeletrônica
  • Farmacêutica
  • Tratamento de águas residuais

GRF-Series bag-in/bag-out filter housing allows a single radial-flow HEPA filter element, like a glovebox or isolator, to be installed in a low CFM ventilation system. These filter housings are designed for particulate filtration. The GRF-Series design is built so that the housing can be tested in place and is flexible, accommodating various arrangements of inlet and outlet ports to fit particular applications.

One of the primary uses of HEPA filters is to contain toxic materials.  When filters become contaminated with these materials, it is important that there is a method for the filters’ removal without direct operator contact. The bag-in/bag-out feature of the GRF-Series allows the operator to change filters without coming into direct contact with the collected toxic materials, including viable organisms, radioactive dust, and carcinogens. 

GRF-Series filter housing is designed for single filter replacement from the top of the unit. This housing can be installed through top access or side access.  The housing can be supported in several ways, such as mounting lugs, stands, and even by the inlet/outlet connections in some applications.

There is no specific diameter for inlet and outlet connections for the GRF-Series housing, since requirements vary considerably. The GRF-Series filter housing inlet and outlet connections can be tubing stub or pipe stub for welding, threaded pipe, flanged pipe, sanitary fittings, or other desired connections.

The filter-to-housing fluid seal is created between the housing and the filter by means of a circular knife edge in the housing. This knife edge mates into a channel on the upstream end of the filter, which is filled with a viscous non-drying sealing compound.

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